Packaged Meditote – Nylon

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Product Details:

  • Made from non-woven 90gm Polypropylene
  • The Meditote bags are Patented and Trade-marked


Care instructions:

  • Wipe lightly with a clean dry cloth
  • Includes a removable plastic base inside
  • Can be ironed with a medium heat


Bulk Ordering & Customizing:

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  • Other colours are available for bulk orders over 5,000 units
  • Discounts apply for bulk orders from 100 units
  • Customizable logo for orders over 5,000 units
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“Everything in safe & easy reach”


Placed over your tray table, the Meditote is ideal for use in hospitals, aged care, respite or at home.


Practical and mobile, the Meditote can be draped over your tray table trolley, slung onto your shoulder, attached to an IV pole or even placed on the handles of a wheelchair or other mobility aid.

Using the Meditote is safe and effortless.

It will hold your belongings within safe and easy reach and prevent your personal items from becoming misplaced or positioned out of your reach.


It is cost effective.

It’s reusable.

Designed, developed and patented in AUSTRALIA.


Storage Options:

With six outside pockets and one stretch band, you’ll have plenty of space to take advantage of.

Take a look at all of the different storage options available to you.


Everyday Items

  • eye glasses
  • device chargers
  • phone
  • purse/wallet
  • pen
  • note pad
  • tablet device
  • tissues
  • snacks
  • reading material
  • water bottle
  • toiletries


Personal Care Items

  • emesis (sick) bag
  • breathing exercise apparatus
  • nurse call device
  • bed adjustment device
  • hand wipes / wet wipes
  • personal hygiene toiletries



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