The Purpose


The Meditote bag is an all-in-one solution for stowing all your personal items required in safe and easy reach while in hospital, aged care, in respite or at home.


“Imagine all your important items together in one place within safe and easy reach!”


Using the Meditote will free up valuable limited space on your tray table, desk, chair or mobility walker creating a safer environment, giving you greater independence and reducing the need for frequent intervention of staff, nurses, family or friends having to fetch items for you.

Benefits & Features


You’ll no longer have to risk falls while reaching for belongings stored in your bedside drawers or hard to reach places.


Every personal item you require is readily available, secured within multiple storage pockets, easily accessed, fitting tray tables at any height or tilt.


Your tray table can be kept clear, with no need to rearrange your belongings for meals and other times.


You’ll easily and conveniently be able to take your important belongings with you when leaving your bed or room by hanging it over your shoulder, wheelchair, mobility walker or IV pole.


When everything is in safe and easy reach, your carers can feel less concerned knowing there is less danger of falls while trying to reach for your belongings.


A moisture and water-resistant fabric allows the Meditote to stay dry, with liquid rolling off easily, in turn reducing risk of bacteria breeding within healthcare environments. Simply wipe with a moist cloth to keep it clean.


The Meditote is the only product on the market designed specifically for use with tray tables, and is easily used regardless of the size, tilt or positioning of the tray.

Productivity for the workplace

Use of the Meditote could increase workplace productivity and reduce budget strain by removing unnecessary manual tasks from key staff members.



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