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Designed by healthcare professionals and a must for all inpatients or residents, the Meditote is a versatile tote bag that is purpose-built for use within hospitals, aged care facilities and at home.  It is designed to keep patients’ important items together in one place within safe and easy reach.

The use of the Meditote will free up valuable space on tray tables maximising safety and minimising risk thereby creating a safer environment for patients and staff. In addition, less staff assistance and intervention allows more effective and efficient distribution of their time to patients. Budgets may also be impacted positively.

The inexpensive Meditote is a perfect fit for use within private and public hospitals, aged care facilities and rehabilitation centres where tray tables are used.






The Meditote may also assist you in meeting accreditation standards and improving consumer outcomes in several ways. Meditote supports quality practice and helps meet hospital-based accreditation standards and improve outcomes. The National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards have two main aims: to protect the public from harm and to improve the quality of health care provision. Meditote could assist hospitals with at least 3 of the 8 standards:


Standard 2Partnering with consumers

If Meditotes were introduced, patient satisfaction on surveys may be increased. Every inpatient would appreciate not having to rearrange their personal items on their hospital tray table trolley at each mealtime


Standard 3Preventing and controlling healthcare-associated infections

With belongings stored in the Meditote, the patient’s clutter free tray table could be more easily wiped clean, helping to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infection. The Meditote itself does not absorb moisture easily so does not encourage bacterial growth.


Standard 5Communicating for safety

Communicating with consumers about the use of the Meditote could reduce the risk of injury and falls caused by patients trying to access personal items from their drawers (or cupboard) or picking up dropped items from the floor. This is especially true with the aged in any environment and non-ambulant patients.




Meditote also improves outcomes with the assessment of the Australian Aged Care Quality Standards (2019). The Meditote provides advantages for consumers and staff in the following standards: consumer dignity and choice,  personal care, supporting daily living, the service environment, feedback and complaints, and the safety and security of consumers.

Directions for Use


Practical and mobile, the Meditote can be draped over a tray table trolley, worn over the shoulder when mobile, attached to an IV pole or even placed on the handles of a wheelchair or other mobility aid. Use of the Meditote is convenient and effortless, holding patients’ belongings within safe and easy reach. To clean, the Meditote can be wiped with a damp cloth. Do not wash or iron.

Storage Possibilities


  • Clinical requirements such as anti-embolic stockings, a breathing fitness exerciser, splints, emesis bags, protective pads, and inactivated ice or heat packs
  • Safety requirements such as anti-slip socks or nurse call buzzer
  • Electronic devices including phone and chargers, TV remote and bed adjustment device
  • Personal hygiene requirements such as wipes, tissues, toiletries
  • Reading material including glasses, pen and note book
  • Items of clothing such as slippers or underwear

Benefits to Medical Institutions & Care Communities


Improved Allocation of Budgets: Improved allocation of human resources equates to better use of hospital budgets, as staff should no longer have to spend time moving or fetching personal items for patients.


Improved Patient Safety: Risk of falls and accidents should be reduced, as reaching for items in drawers and shelves should no longer be required.


Improved Staff Efficiency: The time that nursing staff generally spend attending to patients’ non-nursing needs may be reduced, allowing for more effective use of staff time.


Less Accident Risk: By providing a better system for centrally storing patient belongings, spillages and breakages should be far less common.


Hygiene: A moisture and water-resistant fabric allows the Meditote to remain dry, with liquid rolling off easily, in turn reducing risk of bacteria breeding within healthcare environments.


Improved Meal Tray Placement: Having the tray table free of objects by placing them in the Meditote, allows for the meal tray to be placed appropriately at meal times saving staff having to move these objects or placing the meal tray in an inappropriate place.

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Hospitals & Aged Care Facilities

Providing the Meditote to your patients or residents can help ensure that those short or long term patients have a safer environment during their stay.  We suggest looking at the cost effective Polypropylene Meditote.


Retailers of Health & Medical Supplies including Pharmacies

If you wish to provide this product to the general public, we suggest looking at the hang-sell packaged Nylon Meditote.


Medical & Allied Health Centres

If you would like to consider utilising Meditote at your centre, we can supply brochures and a sample Meditote.

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Health Funds & Insurers

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Trialling the Meditote

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