Meet the Creator


Myfanwy, an entrepreneur, takes moments life throws at her and uses them to observe, learn and create. In 1998, she was an experienced registered nurse who was involved in an unfortunate accident while on the job, causing a significant and life-altering condition. From that day, she turned from long-time nurse to long-time patient.


It was during a recent eight-week hospital stay on complete bed rest that Myfanwy found it especially difficult – and, at times dangerous – to reach for personal items in the provided cupboard and drawers. Very few items could be stored on the tray table trolley while it was being kept clear for meals; even fewer could be kept in arms’ reach where and when she needed them the most.


Not wanting to bother busy nurses with requests of fetching her belongings for her, Myfanwy developed a solution, devising what became the initial prototype of the Meditote, an all-in-one storage solution that would keep personal items within safe and easy reach.


January 2019